Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gov. Scott Walker Now in Denial, Claims He didn’t Cause His Own Recall.

The budget fix could have taken many forms, but Scott Walker decided to take the most divisive, never taking into consideration the massive protests that might have suggested tempering his actions. But the purity and righteousness of conservatism makes that nothing short of appeasement.

I’m not sure what it says about our governor’s mental state, but to say he’s not responsible for his own recall is disconcerting and delusional.
jsonline; Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday he is not responsible for the attempt to recall him sparked by this year's drawn-out battle over collective bargaining.

"We'll spend our money getting our message out," the Republican governor said at a Capitol news conference. "But we wouldn't have to spend a penny of that if there weren't recalls. This is not something we brought on."

The scary thing; it doesn’t make any sense. If we were to follow his lunacy, the recall should stop so Walker doesn’t have to defend his numbers against reality.
Walker said he had kept his campaign promises by balancing the state budget while avoiding general tax increases. 

Yes, and a family could cut their huge heating bills by burning down their house.
“…the bottom line is we did what we said we were going to do when we were campaigning. A majority of people of the state of Wisconsin voted for me. I fulfilled those promises.”

It's HOW Walker fulfilled those promises.  This goes beyond victimhood, and is borderline scary.

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  1. No, he's not to blame, poor guy. Obviously he's been insulated from reality his whole life.