Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No School Vouchers Please!!! Another Poll Affirms Public Opposition

How can it be the Republican politicians are so hot for vouchers, while the public is opposed to them? In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker wanted a statewide voucher system and no testing. The voucher idea was pared down dramatically, but the districts forced to include vouchers didn’t want them.

To show the Republican disconnect with voters, here are the poll results from the not so liberal state of Tennessee:
WBIR: Tennesseans favor more spending for early childhood education, oppose tuition vouchers and think teachers deserve more money but are uncomfortable giving them bonuses, a Vanderbilt University poll has found.

3 out of every 5 Tennesseans believe the state should spend more money on pre-kindergarten programs, and a similar majority says the state should not offer vouchers for families to send their children to private schools.

More than 75% of Democrats favor more spending on pre-K programs, as did 55% of independents. Nearly 50% of Republicans also said they favor more spending on voluntary pre-K.

Vouchers: 57% of Republicans and 61% of independents saying they oppose giving families state money to pay for private education. More than 66% of Democrats also opposed vouchers.

Charter schools: About 54% of Republicans said they favor charters, as did 50 percent of independents. Charters were supported by 41 percent of Democrats.

No group favored giving teachers more money if their students perform well on tests. Republicans, Democrats and independents also agreed teachers are underpaid.

But still…
A pair of Republican lawmakers is sponsoring a bill that would give low-income parents in the state's four biggest counties vouchers for private school tuition. 

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