Monday, November 28, 2011

Walker Thugs Try Everything to Derail Recall. A lesson not to be forgotten.

For having a winning political philosophy “that’s working,” you would think Republicans would just sit back and laugh at the Democrats for wasting their time and money on a futile recall effort.

Right now, they’re acting like cornered animals.
Daily Koz: How hard is this message; Republicans break pledge, raise taxes on the middle class?Even though the payroll tax holiday is ending, just like the Bush tax cuts, Republicans don’t consider that a tax increase. They think just the opposite about the Bush tax cuts.

A fake website claiming the recall petition drive is over is their latest:
website posing as "Occupy-Madison" is seeking to undermine the petition drive in Wisconsin to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker by claiming enough signatures have been gathered. In a November 27 blog entitled, "Walker Recall a success, all necessary signatures collected," the accompanying post says: "The Committee to Recall Scott Walker and United Wisconsin have issued a report stating they have succeeded in collecting all necessary signatures... We are thankful for the efforts, [and] we are suspending all collection activity."

As of this writing, the website in question is not functional. It currently shows only a simple message, "content reported, under review."

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