Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Walker Fumbles Collective Bargaining question...

Milwaukee's Fox 6 might have the dumbest, most partisan news anchor, but they have one of the best reporters in the business, Mike Lowe. 

In the interview below, Lowe doesn't let Gov. Walker get away with any one of his typically half assed answers, and nails him with the rarely heard...follow-up question. Walker looks lost and doesn't answer the question. Can anyone say "ad material?" For instance:

Lowe asks him why he wasn't straight forward or explicit in what he planned to do with collective bargaining, Walker tried to refute that by saying liberal groups speculated and guessed correctly his plans for the unions. 
Lowe's response: "It's one thing for a group against you to run a flyer, it's another thing for you to make that a central tenant of your campaign, and explicitly state it." 
Check it out:

Mike Lowe FOX6 Reporter: When asked whether he anticipated the animosity he would face regarding the bargaining rights debate, Gov. Walker said he knew there would be some push back. But he says he had no idea the national attention it would draw. As for the recall, Gov. Walker made news on FOX6 WakeUp when he indicated he did not collect a dime to combat the recall effort until November 15th. That's the same date as the start of the Democratic effort to recall Walker.

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