Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Tis the Season to Recall Walker in Eau Claire, while conservative voters threaten to stay away from stores that allow petitioners.

Using the holidays as a way to take advantage of the large concentrations of potential petition signers around stores and malls, instead of the holidays working against them, recall Walker organizers have planned wisely. And like any grass roots show of public anger, the strategy has taken off all over the state, like Eau Claire:
The Democratic Party of Eau Claire County says there are plenty of recall volunteers signed up to petition outside when shoppers are busy shopping this Black Friday.

But I thought this was interesting, especially for conservatives who criticized Democrats for boycotting businesses in the state that supported Scott Walker. Weren't Republicans the ones calling boycotts a waste of time, saying it hurts local business and is basically a temper tantrum. Typically hypocritical. 
WEAU: Editor's Note: Many have went to our comments section and mentioned specific stores they may or may not shop at because petitioners are outside signing up people for the recall. These establishments cannot force them away, because as long as it is on public property outside the building, (sidewalks, etc) those with petitions have a right to be there. ALL comments mentioning specific stores have been deleted and no others will be accepted.

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