Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Walker Thugs to Neutral Businesses; You’re either for or against us!!!

The radical Republican Party leaders in Racine County have decided that neutral businesses who allow recall petitioners in their parking lots must take a stand, or else. That’s the sad condition of our state, what we now know as FitzWalkerstan.

Businesses that simply allow the recall petitioners on their premises with or without permission are being intimidated by the Racine County Republican Party into taking sides. What happened to neutrality, not taking sides?
Instead, the Racine GOP appears to be causing chaos in recall parking lots so businesses have no choice but to remove the petitioners.

What you can gather from the following story is this; recall petitioners at an All Sports parking lot had to pack up and leave because “the owner was getting mad because of what they were doing.” Who are “they?” What was going on? “They” were Republican Walker brownshirts upset with the petitioners using the parking lot without permission, despite no objections from management. They caused a violent scene that appeared to be escalating out of control, forcing recallers to leave just to keep the peace.  
Caledonia Patch: …one confrontation became particularly heated, which involved an unnamed Racine County Republican Party member and Tom Simons, a retired Caledonia Police detective, according to Kelly Gallaher, a community organizer for Community for Change.

On Saturday, several people collecting signatures for the recall were parked in the All Sports parking lot, located at 3458 Rapids Drive, when a man driving a Lexus drove into the parking lot and almost struck Simons, Gallaher said (Simons is a retired police officer).

Bill Folk, chairman of the Republican Party of Racine County, said the member of the Republican Party admitted that he had “probably taken things too far.” Folk said he’s advising his Republican members not to confront petitioners, but to talk to the businesses about their decision to let petitioners on their property.

Here’s another glimpse into the Republican vision of “freedom and liberty,” and their quest to create a one party government. This striking statement should give pause to anyone who might want to speak or act out against a tightly protected authoritarian state:
“Whether they are pro/against, we’re encouraging business owners to reconsider having petitioners on their property because of how it could be perceived,” Folk said.

Isn’t it amazing what's revealed sometimes in a small offhand comment by a random Republican Party leader? I assume “it could be perceived” that All Sports supported the "wrong" side of our current governmental authority.

But the All Sport neutral position would not stand:
Folk said the petitioners didn’t have permission from the owners and that’s why they left. Gallaher said the group left because of the confrontation between the Republican and the owner of the business. When Simons and the group went to leave, the Republican came back to check to see if the petitioners had left.

Gallaher tells the story a little differently. “A Lexis ran through parking lot and the man (driving it) almost backed up into a retired police officer,” Gallaher said. “The man in the Lexis was yelling profanities and he had stalked the location a couple of hours prior to that.” The owners of All Sports didn’t file a trespassing police report with the City of Racine Police Department.

“The man in the Lexis was causing so much trouble and the owner was getting mad because of what they were doing,” Gallaher said. “And I don’t blame them for changing their mind. But we left because of the Republicans and the weather, not because we didn’t have permission to be there.”
Republicans don't stand for freedom and liberty, but a police state, where brownshirted conservative thugs keep us in line. It's that simple. Fascism is here, quietly endorsed by Gov. Walker, unless he demands an end to the intimidation.

blue cheddar has even more HERE!!!!

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