Friday, November 25, 2011

'Tis the Season to Shop and Sign a Walker Recall Petition.

Thanks to the heads up from Political Environment for the jsonline story about how Republicans are whining again about the public's willingness to sign a recall petition, near a mall.
Wisconsin Republicans are ripping Democrats’ plans for recall signature drives near malls on Black Friday. Recall organizers say signature gatherers planned to set up near malls, shopping centers and park-and-rides around the state Friday. Republicans say the effort amounts to harassing shoppers.

Democracy…harassing people? One party rule is so much fun, or is it. Conservatives don’t seem to like it much.
The party says businesses should call police if signature gatherers don’t leave their property upon request and shoppers should report problems to the GOP’s “Recall Integrity Center” website.
It’s a terrific strategy and an unfortunate turn of events for Republicans. Although Scott Walker does have the advantage of raising unlimited amounts of money on an ad campaign (propaganda) filled with utter BS.
A spokeswoman for United Wisconsin says volunteers are collecting signatures on public spaces near malls and other busy areas.
Here's a nice look at the horrible Democrats ruining Christmas shopping, from WMTV 15:

Isn't it odd Best Buy appeared to be the only retailer booting petitioners? Monopolies are so much fun.

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