Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I fear for my life with these crazy gun sons-of-bitches walking around threatening everyone!!!

The NRA has always worried that one gun law would create a slippery slope of endless regulations restricting the use of firearms.

It was projection. Now just the opposite is true. Since passing the concealed carry law, an endless stream of gun crime immunity laws are being created, replacing common sense laws that have been on the books for a century. Giving someone the right to carry a killing toy and dick extension, doesn't make them a protected class, unless idiot is now on the list. It's called the castle doctrine.

It also doesn't make a gun hobbyist judge, jury and executioner.

It mostly just makes them an asshole. Hey, thanks for bringing society down to the level of a slug.
jsonline: People who shoot intruders in their homes, businesses or vehicles would get powerful new legal protections under a bill scheduled to come before the Assembly ... The proposal also would entitle shooters to recover the costs of defending themselves in any civil suit against them if the court found the shooter was immune to lawsuits under the castle doctrine. Courts would not be able to consider whether the person using deadly force in their home, business or vehicle had the opportunity to flee instead.


  1. why do you like it better when you do not have to worry.when you brake in to some home.and they have to leave and you can do as you wish.stay out.then you do not have to worry.

  2. I deliver the neighborhood newsletter to homes in the neighborhood in my spare time as a volunteer. I walk onto the property, tuck the newsletter under the mat or in the screen door (it's illegal to use the mailbox and I must put it somewhere it will not blow away or get wet in rain or snow). If the castle doctrine passes, I'm quitting. Why should I take this chance? I already rile up the dogs if I'm not able to do my leafletting silently.

  3. I was thinking of jobs like yours when I wrote the post.

    I helped during the census, and couldn't imagine doing that again, after meeting the kind of people who so irritated by my visit.

  4. None of your fears are based in logic or fact.

    None of these things have happened in any of the other states who have had CCW for many years.

    Please get in touch with reality.

    Good day.

  5. Sorry, the facts are not on your side. I can see by your responses that belittling someone else makes you feel pretty good. I guess carrying a gun makes you even feel better.

    There are so many cases of murder and wrongful death connected with CC, you are either not interested in researching it, or your happy enough in your fantasy world.

    Good day sir.