Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dead Beat Dad and Tea Party Standout Rep. Joe Walsh "Leads" by Pushing Failed Free Market on Restaurant Patrons..

Make no mistake, loud, obnoxious, pushing conservative "debaters" have grown in number since 2010.  It's a rapid fire list of usually unrelated talking points, that if strung together, requires no explanation or knowledge of the issues. But if challenged, you get the following response, by tea party authoritarian and dead beat dad Rep. Joe Walsh: 

To blow hard conservative authoritarian talkers, like Vicki McKenna, Walsh's aggressive attack on citizens, and not Wall Street deregulation, is music to her ears. 
McKenna Facebook headline: "HOLY CONGRESSMAN! Joe Walsh chews out constituents with some tough truth."

Hell, even Alan Greenspan admitted the whole idea of an unregulated free market failed. How soon they forget:

One comment pretty much said it all about the conservative ability to project their nasty qualities onto liberals. 
I didn’t see him spitting on anyone, choking anyone, hitting anyone, or any of the standard liberal go-to’s when losing a debate.
Suze Orman has a few more details:

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