Friday, September 6, 2013

Rep. Robin Vos not a fan of Accountability. Vouchers must destroy Public Education. Period.

Is it any surprise a voucher accountability bill would be opposed by almost every Republican in our legislature? They’ve been desperately trying to kill public education for decades. So who are these conservative outliers, going public, straying off the path to privatization anyway? Republican Sen. Luther Olsen, and Republican Rep. Steve Kestell, that's who. This whole thing could have been killed behind closed doors if they had just brought it up to their "leaders."

The rejection of this bill alone proves “giving parents choice” is pure bullshit, and they know it.
GB Gazette: A plan to kick poor-performing schools out of the state’s taxpayer-subsidized voucher program is generating little support in the Legislature so far … In the works for two years, the bill would require for the first time that private schools in the voucher program report a wide range of performance information to the state. Public schools, including charters, already provide the data.

(It) would also give a score to every public, charter and voucher school based on data collected during the 2014 academic year. The scores would be in five categories: reading and math, achievement and growth in those areas, college and career readiness, closing gaps in student achievement and graduation rates, and student engagement.
Of course, the hard work required to write the voucher accountability bill is opposed by our typically lazy freeloading Republican politicians who normally get their legislation pre-written for them by think tanks, ALEC, and corporate special interests.
“It’s a complicated bill and people are just like, ‘Oh, I don’t understand this,’” Olsen said.
Hey, where have we heard this story before...oh yeah, Paul Ryan said the same thing about our unread Republican low information politicians. See the Ryan picture:

Vos isn't happy a few party members went public first. He's surprised that anyone would jeopardize their plan. He calls it "outreach:" 

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a staunch voucher schools backer, said that Kestell did not do enough outreach with other lawmakers before writing the bill. 
As for Walker, well, he's just blowin' smoke too:
While Walker has been supportive of passing some sort of school accountability measure, he’s been noncommittal on Olsen and Kestell’s bill.

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