Saturday, October 31, 2015

Republican move to punish and censor the opposition is catching on!

The no compromise juvenile bullying by the Tea Party Republicans is oddly gaining acceptance. That can't be good. 

These dominant authoritarians are now targeting for removal once and for all, the press, the constitutionally protected Fourth Estate. Cafeteria constitutionalist like only parts of the First Amendment. 

RNC Blackmail gets NBC Approval: NBC responded to RNC chair Reince Priebus’ suspension of network debates with this acquiescence. Instead of being insulted and telling him to take his threats elsewhere...:
NBC News called the RNC's decision "disappointing. However, along with our debate broadcast partners at Telemundo we will work in good faith to resolve this matter with the Republican Party."
Going after Reporters: Republicans aren’t stopping there either, taking note of this emerging story of phony outrage:
In the wake of the debate debacle that’s delivered a gut punch to CNBC, many staffers at the business network are divided over whether “extremely biased” and “far left” correspondent and moderator John Harwood should have been allowed on stage. Harwood is “not just extremely biased and partisan, but he’s the worst kind who isn’t self-aware that he is,” the insider continued. “Blindness to that is what allowed him on the debate stage.”
What we found out was Fox News asked similar, more insulting questions but got no blowback. Here's just one example. Washington Post:
And there’s no better example of the moderators looking to pit one Republican against another Republican than this one: “Mr. Trump, it has not escaped anybody’s notice that you say that the Mexican government, the Mexican government is sending criminals — rapists, drug dealers, across the border. Gov. Bush has called those remarks, quote, ‘extraordinarily ugly,’ I’d like you — you’re right next to him — tell us — talk to him directly and say how you respond to that…Why not use this…debate to share your proof with the American people?”

That example of malicious, divisive debate moderation comes from the Aug. 6 clash at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, which was hosted by Fox News and was greeted as a universal success. It’s not from last night’s Republican debate in Boulder, Colo., which was hosted by CNBC to nearly unanimous negative reviews.
For now, CNBC is publically defending Harwood against these attacks:
CNBC defended Harwood to TheWrap, saying he should be “applauded.” “Journalists who ask Presidential candidates substantive, challenging questions on interest rates, social security, the debt limit, student loans and taxes to name a few, should be applauded.”

Remember when Republicans wanted former CNN reporter and host Candy Crowley fired for correcting Mitt Rommey, when he said Obama didn't say the Benghazi attack was an act of terrorism for two weeks, when he actually did the first day? 

Or how about the media black out by tea party candidates who tried to hide their lack of ideas and lunatic agenda by vilifying the media, and then going out instead to overtly friendly conservative talk radio and television outlets?

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  1. It's beyond "working the refs" and is rapidly descending towards the Republican Party demanding the Media cover and aid them in their campaign of outright lying.