Wednesday, October 14, 2015

News outlets roll over again; let Walker off the hook with Bradley appointment to Supreme Court.

It didn’t take long for Wisconsin media to act oblivious to Scott Walker’s outrageous partisan behavior again. Remember, the only reason this guy is governor is because news outlets kept letting Walker off the hook for every obvious blunder, bad policy decision and flat out failure since he was County Executive. Criticism is “liberal.”

In the case of appointing Judge Rebecca Bradley to the Supreme Court bench, red flags and jaws should have dropped, and accusations of cronyism should have been flying, knowing what Walker had done for Bradley career in the past.

In fact, Bradley would have not much of a career if it wasn’t for Walker:
Walker appointed Bradley to the District 1 Court of Appeals in Milwaukee in May. Before her stint as an appeals judge, Bradley spent three years on the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, after Walker put her on that court in 2012.
Really? 3 jobs, 3 Walker appointments, and no one thinks that's odd? So the media didn’t feel duped again when Walker pretended to “consider” other candidates?

The final insult was this additional media quick mention, and pass. WKOW:

AP: Rebecca Bradley's campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court reserved the website domain name "" the day before applications were due for an appointment to the state's highest court she eventually received.
Nothing? Which leaves the truth about Walker’s actions up to the “left,” allowing right wingers to discount out of hand this troubling expansion:
One Wisconsin Now, says reserving the website name that early is "further proof the fix was in from the start."

Melissa Mulliken, campaign manager for Appeals Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg, said, “It gives the appearance of the kind of cronyism that has defined Scott Walker’s administration.”

Claude Covelli, a Madison attorney who sought the appointment but lost out to Bradley, said it appears that Walker may have instigated a “sham application process.”

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