Monday, October 5, 2015

Dems wrong; Scott Walker's WEDC isn't broken, it's doing just what it was designed to do

Can you imagine the phony outrage staged by Republicans if GE had killed 350 jobs in Waukesha because of Democratic attempts to eliminate the Export Import Bank?

Now that the Republicans are pushing job killing policy, surprise, they don't seem to mind at all:

Walker spoke against reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank.
"I've said before as a candidate and still say so now, I do not think that the federal government should be renewing that. But I think there are other ways that we can help manufacturers like that in Waukesha and others across the state be competitive."
The 350 jobs are going to Canada, how has Walker helped in "other ways?" What are these "other ways?" Walker's bigger and bolder empty rhetoric is still working on "Stand with Walker" voters, who are perfectly happy to hear that he has a teleprompter free response.

What Democrats are calling a failure, Republicans are quietly calling a Success: 
Anyone think it's a little odd that despite getting caught over and over again, WEDC hasn't changed a thing about lost or unjustified loans, outsourcing and their failure to create jobs?

By Republican standards, WEDC is a rip roaring success. Out of all the proposed changes; to the GAB, civil service, John Doe investigations, opens records, and the Legislative Audit Bureau, the only agency exempt from change...WEDC. 

That's because they're doing just what they were supposed to do. And as we've seen, the corporate board members are simply there as a firewall to take the incoming volley of criticism:

WEDC board puts off outsourcing issue for a month: The head of the state's job-creation agency is putting off Democrats who want its board to discuss outsourcing and its process for conducting background checks, saying it can't take up the issue until October ... agency officials said they couldn't address the matter then because it wasn't on the board's agenda.
Here's a list of past "successes:" 
At least two companies that received financial awards from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) later outsourced jobs to foreign countries, with one of those companies receiving a second WEDC award after the fact.

Today the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau released a financial audit of the WEDC that ... shows the agency had top-heavy administrative and salary costs, stalled in its job creation programs, and dealt with overdue loans by writing them off. The audit revealed that WEDC has made only meager increases to its loan activities...

The WEDC board, which is led by Gov. Scott Walker, OK'd Ashley Furniture getting $6 million tax credit, cutting 1,900 jobs … with a condition allowing the company to eliminate half of its state workforce...
And then prior to Walker's 2014 reelection bid, this act of donor protection. Notice the "wreak havoc" reference, you know, when it was still a bad thing:
According to the governor's legal counsel, Walker’s office is no longer disclosing the names and phone numbers of companies that the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. is working with on economic incentive packages. The … legal counsel determined releasing the information could “wreak havoc” with WEDC’s mission of retaining and creating quality jobs in the state. According to the governor's legal counsel “Because there may come a time when it will no longer harm these discussions if the businesses names are revealed, it may be possible that we will be able to release the names of these businesses at a later date,”

A report released today by One Wisconsin Now raises serious questions about who is really benefiting ... found that owners or employees of 30 percent of businesses receiving WEDC assistance contributed to Gov. Walker's campaign or the Republican Governors Association (RGA). Meanwhile these same businesses received almost 60 percent of WEDC economic development funds - $570 million in total.

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