Sunday, October 4, 2015

Republican anecdotal "stories" guide Civil Service reform: Beware of cooks who do their own accounting!!!

What do Republicans have against short order cooks, or even for that matter, upward mobility?
State Sen. Roger Roth on applicants for an accounting position: "The number highest scored exam for an account position turned out to be a short order cook with no accounting experience..." 
Luckily, having short order cook on my resume didn't keep me from getting my two third shift jobs in the 70's at W.A. Krueger as a fork lift driver, and another at RTE in Waukesha lifting and cleaning transformer containers for painting. I mean, what we're they thinking hiring a former cook?

It's another one of those anecdotal stories Republican policies are always based on now. So the state couldn't just move on to the next highest applicant with accounting experience, instead of changing system into something that invites cronyism and partisan politics? Maybe the cook does all his own bookkeeping and is a genius with numbers.

Who knows where these anecdotal myths are coming from too. Like this one....
Sen. Roth: "We have stories of individuals filling out this exam, and they write 'see my resume' on the exam, not knowing that gets them a zero, that doesn't count for anything." 
Ah, the "stories." Who could argue with those? WKOW's Greg Neumann:

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  1. I know a short-order cook who is an accountant. Maybe that person took any job to support him/herself while looking for a job in their field.