Thursday, October 1, 2015

Leon Varjian will be missed....

A Madison legend, and one of the funniest and innovative guys around, Leon Varjian died of a heart attack. WSJ's George Hesselberg:
Leon Varjian, a jester with a rubber face and keen insight into what tickles Madison’s funny bone, was found dead of a suspected heart attack Tuesday at his residence in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey. He was 64. Varjian was a longtime mathematics teacher at Midland Park High School in New Jersey, where he was once named math teacher of the year.

Whether it was the placement of 1,008 pink plastic flamingos on Bascom Hill, an amazingly realistic copy of the Statue of Liberty (head, arm and torch) on Lake Mendota, or hosting a Halloween toga party for 10,000 people, the enduring quality was a willingness to go overboard. He adopted the Madison Muskies baseball team as a cheerleader, and with Mallon introduced, in falsetto, the talking mice of the “Vern and Evelyn Show.”
 Here's a clip from that their show:

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