Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Walker desperately scrambling to borrow for Transportation, budgeting he ignored running for President.

It's become evident watching Scott Walker scramble to restore cut transportation, that he wasn't just lying about running the state remotely during the budget debate process, but he really did have Wisconsin in his rear view mirror running for president.

Instead of making his arguments against road building delays during budgeting, he's now begging his pirate hoard to change their minds. This is charge card GOP budgeting at its most obvious, leaving the bill to the next generation to pay for.

Democrats like State Sen. Jon Erpenbach are relishing the fact that Republicans now need their vote to pass funding. But like Erpenbach said below, they'll only consider the idea if the funding problem is solved by adjusting the gas tax for future budgets.
"They knew this day was going to come and they didn't do anything about it on finance and now they're going to say the Democrats are going to bail us out. Well yeah, we will help if it's a good fair plan that not only deals with the bonding situation but also possibly looks at a gas tax or a long-term solution where we can get on a road where we'll know we have X amount of dollars to pay for roads."
Another words, restore the old indexed yearly gas tax increase and deep six the Grover Norquist no tax pledge, a gimmick that has no place in the budget process. I also back a toll for traffic coming in and out of Wisconsin (no tolls within the state) with federal approval.

It's telling and embarrassing to watch Walker now making the case for running up debt and trying to solve a problem he didn't have time for just a few months ago. From WISC's Jessica Arp and WKOW:

And oh by the way, there's already lots of money in the transportation fund to pay for a few of these delayed projects: Jakes Economic TA Funhouse


  1. Democrats might be relishing in the fact that their votes are needed to pass transportation funding, but are they united in a strategy to leverage their votes for winning battles and voters in a bigger picture? I don't think so. They rolled over for the Bucks arena and if they cave for transportation, WisDems will be known as the go-to party for corporate welfare and more debt. Republicans will known for the party that gets things done - see, the gerrymandered single-party ruled banana republic is working.

    Dems have zero strategy and its sickening.

    1. Lou- I agree that Democrats should take hostages with this. Hold out and get some Transit funding as part of it, or get rid of some stupid GOP rules.

      If you're gonna vote with them, get something out of it.

      Jakes formerly of the LP

  2. Given his personal financial situation & failed campaign budgeting by accumulating huge amonuts of debt....

    He's consistent in his lack of personal responsibility and requirements of others to bail him out.

    Sounds like he doesn't practice when his party hypocritically preaches.

  3. I fear you may be right, and Democrats will go along with adding to the states debt, and later getting blamed for it.

    Holding out for a permanent fix is a dream.