Sunday, October 25, 2015

Trump, Carson do away with Medicare!!! Opt for High Deductible Health Savings Accounts.

Republicans don't know anything about health care, and that ignorance is going to kill a lot of people.

The cavalier attitude we're seeing from Republicans who have off handedly said they'll get rid of Medicare is shocking stuff.

Imagine seniors trying to navigate the private health care system, getting surprise medical bills in the mail, or are expected to read the small print of exclusions. I'm wondering if Republican politicians have ever seen or talked to seniors in independent or assisted living facilities. Many don't quite have the mental agility they once had.

My own mother, 95 and a former real estate company owner, is no longer able to understand or take the time to go through the maze of choices. She wasn't even able to do it 10 years ago, and made some uncharacteristically bad choices, but I never knew. This is the world Republicans want seniors to wonder in helplessly.

And so it is with Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Neither of them understand deductibles or health savings accounts. Basically, here's the scoop:
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) were created in 2003 so that individuals covered by high-deductible health plans could receive tax-preferred treatment of money saved for medical expenses.
The only real benefit is that the accounts money is tax deductible, but it will never cover the full cost of high deductibles insurance policies. Even worse, it was made to work in concert with HIGH DEDUCTIBLE plans, the very problem Republicans say they hate. So high deductible policies aren't going away.

Which means, they're not just talking out of their ass, they're going to pass something that will cost you a whole lot of money.

It's astonishing that Carson, a doctor, doesn't know this.

Here's Donald Trumps clueless answer on ABC's This Sunday:

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