Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rep. Chris Danou to Republicans: "I understand your side of the aisle benefits from cynicism toward this body and the good work of government. You benefit when they think we're all a bunch of crooks."

Did you ever wonder how Republicans not only gained power, but remain competitive with the Democratic Party, despite a long list of failed economic policies? Heck, you can't get any worse than the Great Recession or proposals to do away with Medicare and Social Security.

But it also goes beyond the conservative public's unwavering commitment and personally invested belief that their party is there to save the country, from whatever imagined evil they assign to the Democratic agenda.

Vilification of liberal progressive Democrats is a tool, a firewall Republicans depend on to insulate themselves from the many times they've been wrong about policy but have no way to explain it. Republicans are fighting evil, so when they openly attempt to game the system to their advantage, it's because they had no other choice. They have to save the country.

One Democrat bottom lined it during the campaign finance "debate." Rep. Chris Danou put to words what many of us have been thinking for years. He revealed the Republicans "secret;" how getting rid of John Doe investigations, allowing unlimited amounts of corrupting money, and eventually doing away with open records laws will only make the public distrust politicians even more:

These anti-government Republicans, ironically, are now the ones in control of government. So will they start telling us why government is now something good?

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