Friday, October 16, 2015

Remember when the Bush Administration Spent like Drunken Sailors? Well....

...guess who would have carried on that tradition? 

This was a desperate guy who wanted it all....
Photographer Andrew Snow, assigned to trail Walker at events and snap images of the candidate, collected $11,700 a month -- on pace to make $140,000 a year.

Alyson Higgins, a personal aide to Tonette Walker, the governor’s wife, was allocated a salary of $89,000.

At the helm was communications director Kirsten Kukowski, making $18,000 a month for an annual salary of more than $220,000.

AshLee Strong, Kukowski’s communications deputy, was to make $164,000.

And even Walker’s own children got into the campaign casino windfall. Twenty-one-year-old Matt Walker and 20-year-old Alex Walker, who indicated they would take time off from college to campaign for their father … Each drew monthly stipends of $1,542, placing them on pace to draw $18,509 annually.
Still my favorite line comes from Rick Wiley, Walker's campaign manager:
"We didn't have a spending problem. We had a revenue problem."

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