Friday, October 16, 2015

Walker's Campaign Over Spent, now in debt at least $1 million? Not if you believe the mind blowing explanation.

There are times Scott Walker can't hide from the truth, no matter bizarre his answers get. 

Remember when Republicans claimed the states debt was a result of over spending?

Now that it's clear Scott Walker overspent during his campaign for president, his $1 million debt has a different explanation. And spending wasn't it. jsonline:
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker raised $7.4 million for his short-lived presidential bid but spent his cash as quickly as it came in, leaving the campaign with a debt of at least $1 million once all the bills roll in, according to sources and a report filed with federal elections officials Thursday. The campaign burned through about $90,000 a day without even running major broadcast ads, doing so months before the first votes are cast. 
Nope, the Walker campaign's answer takes us right down the rabbit hole. Ready for it...
Rick Wiley, Walker's presidential campaign manager ... pushed back criticism that he and the governor presided over an ill-advised spending spree for the campaign.

"We didn't have a spending problem. We had a revenue problem.

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