Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Paul Ryan "thinks" we shouldn't blame him for all the lost Jobs after he defunded the Export Import Bank. "Think" again Paul.

Here’s a little Paul Ryan “thinking” game, because thinking beats the hell out of reality.

I’m thinking there’s a reason Republicans love policy wonk Paul Ryan's corporate shilling; he's really good at it.

When GE announce the loss of 350 jobs in their Waukesha plant, they gave a very specific reason:
The company blamed Congress for its failure to reauthorize the U.S. Export-Import Bank, an institution that finances sales of U.S. industrial equipment to overseas customers.
Now I'm "thinking” we lost those jobs because Republicans defunded the EXIM Bank.

Well, here’s what Paul Ryan thinks:
Rep. Paul Ryan said Monday he doesn't think the shuttering of the Export-Import Bank was the only reason General Electric Co. says it will stop manufacturing engines in Waukesha and move that work to Canada.
So forget what GE said, Ryan "thinks" there's another reason that coincidentally relates to something he’s working on: cutting the corporate tax rate. In fact, Ryan “can’t help but think” out loud while tearing up over the job losses corporate tax rates. WKOW:

"I think it's horrible that these workers are being laid off at GE and I can't help but think that there have to be other reasons. Canada has a 15% tax rate and we have a 35% tax rate to name one reason," 
And Canada has its own version of the EXIM Bank too, but "I can’t help but think” Ryan wants us to think otherwise.

Think he’s using the threat of job losses via EXIM to get a corporate tax cut pushed through?  

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  1. The extreme facial expression of the severely wrinkled brow (forehead) is not a sign of thinking or deliberation, but a sign of stress and lying to cover for not knowing any factual response to or commentary about the topic. Feigned seriousness covering being completely clueless and consternation over keeping one's current job.

    Although some may opt for the explanation about the amount of involuntary bodily focus needed to deal with not showing any signs of male pattern baldness trumping all other brain/body functions, I'll lay odds on stupidity and fear.