Monday, October 19, 2015

Judge Rebecca Bradley's Free Ride to the working.

I'll be darned, it looks the party of "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" is really the party of "it's who you know" crony appointments.

After appointing her twice before, Scott Walker could have let Judge Rebecca Bradley earn her place on the State Supreme Court, by running a competitive campaign and convincing voters she was qualified for the job. Nope, we're talking Scott Walker here after all. Credit Bradley too, her taste for free rides to the top of the legal ladder was just too tempting.

Another thing. After hearing how the ex-judges at the nonpartisn GAB couldn't hide their obvious political biases...

...Walker claims Judge Rebecca Bradley has no such inclination, and Bradley agrees. After all, why would anyone question her impartiality with a resume filled with the following...
She has served as president of the Milwaukee chapter of the Federalist Society, a conservative lawyers group, and has belonged to the Republican National Lawyers Association and the Thomas More Society, a Catholic legal group.
What's so biased about the libertarian Federalist interpretation of the law, or pushing conservative orthodoxy via the National Lawyers Association? Am I just being partisan?

But Bradley clearly differentiated herself from those other judges overseeing elections at the GAB, on Upfront with Mike Gousha. Despite her activism, she has been able to put all that aside...?

But as we've heard from other Republican legislators, judges are not impartial, but in fact partisan with an agenda:
Speaker Robin Vos: "The notion that people are nonpartisan is difficult for people to accept, every human being has partisan inclinations."

State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo (R-New Berlin): "It's impossible for the GAB to be entirely nonpartisan in its current form … make the agency completely partisan."

Scott Walker: “More so than an investigation, I think it’s appropriate just to get rid of (the board) and replace it,”

The day after the state Supreme Court ruled to end the (John Doe) investigation, Wisconsin Club for Growth — the conservative group at the center of the John Doe investigation — led the charge to abolish the GAB.
“GAB was a bad idea whose time has gone,” the group’s director, Eric O’Keefe, told radio host Charlie Sykes. “They need to eliminate it.”
So if ex-judges can't separate their partisan beliefs on the GAB, why would we think "Justice" Rebecca Bradley wouldn't be just as partisan a conservative activist Supreme Court Justice? 

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