Friday, October 23, 2015

Walker administration private emails, some undisclosed, okay with true believers...

All because Scott Walker had to open his trap, criticizing Hillary Clinton over her private emails.

No big deal, Scott Walk and his staff didn't violate any state laws when they used private email accounts to conduct government business discovered in a John Doe investigation. According to Walker and his band of legislative pirates, the partisan John Doe probe was a long drawn out hit piece to defeat Walker in his reelection bid. Never mind that it ended up uncovering a secret email account use to conduct campaign time on the taxpayer dime, along with private email communications between Walker and his staff:

WKOW: Governor Scott Walker says he simply didn't remember his staff used personal email to communicate about state business throughout 2011. It is not illegal for state officials to use personal email for official business. 
He didn't remember? You gotta wonder who then redacted his email address and their contents before turning them over in an open records request:
Urban Milwaukee: Madison TV station WKOW asked Walker last May 28 whether some of his staff used personal email for business. “I don’t know,” said the governor. “I mean, not that I’m aware of.” 

WKOW reported in its bombshell story ... “In the first year of the Walker administration, state business was conducted through more than 300 personal emails. Some of the emails were sent to or from Governor Walker’s own personal address,” the station noted, “but we aren’t sure how many due to the fact that both his personal and official email addresses are redacted in the records.”
It was a big deal though when presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used a legally allowable private email account to conduct government business.  And dragging out an investigation over Clinton's use of private emails during her run for president is supposedly not an attempt to destroy her chances of winning either, even though Rep. Kevin McCarthy admitted as much:
U.S. Justice Department lawyers told a federal court that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a private email account was not against the law, nor was it illegal for her to unilaterally determine which messages were considered work-related and necessary to return to the State Department for record keeping.
Republicans are working under a different set of standards, based on principled conservative values that are constantly changing.

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  1. Republicans are working under a different set of standards, based on principled conservative values that are constantly changing.

    Whatever Jeebus or their pastor at The Church Of Jeebus Creyts Of Saturday Taints tells them to do. Or forgives them for doing. Retroactively. Or in advance.