Saturday, October 3, 2015

Walker gets Media Cover again for Civil Service Lie.

Wisconsin media is at it again!!! Here's State Sen. Jon Erpenbach, who like me, must have fallen hook-line-and-sinker for another Scott Walker word salad lie:

Thank you PolitiFact Wisconsin for giving Scott Walker cover for something he all but etched into stone about our untouchable civil service law, which he is now going back on. When Walker "led some to believe" he wouldn't change civil service, that was actually his intention and lie:
On "Fox News Sunday," Walker said: "There is no state that has a better civil service system in terms of protections. That does not change in this. Worker rights will be maintained even after our bill passes."

...his "fireside chat," the governor said: "It’s important to remember that many of the rights we’re talking about don’t come directly from collective bargaining. They come from the civil service system here in Wisconsin. That law was passed in 1905, long before collective bargaining, and it will continue long after our plan is approved."  

Walker repeatedly cited the strength of employee protections in Wisconsin’s civil service system, and said his 2011 law wouldn’t change the protections. That led some to believe Walker wouldn’t try to change the civil service system. But we found no evidence that Walker made such a pledge, and there have been indications in the past year that he might seek changes.
PolitiFact even disproved their own point when they wrote the following, which also contained statements by the Walker administration there would be no changes:
In June 2014, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that in recent months, Walker administration officials had said multiple times they weren't looking to change the civil service system ... And a spokeswoman for Walker's Department of Administration said at the time that Walker had no interest in changing civil servants’ protections.


  1. "long before" = 54 yrs (1905 to state workers allowed to bargain in 1959)
    "long after" = 4 yrs (2011 Act 10 to 2015)
    Of course that's what Walker meant. Should have been obvious to everyone. (snark)