Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ending GAB, Republicans save us from Nazi Tactics.

With the backing and blessing of Scott Walker, Republicans are about to get rid of the Government Accountability Board, the state elections and ethics watchdog. And the reasons for doing so are baffling:
Many Republicans say the legislation is needed to ensure ethics laws are enforced fairly and people's free speech rights are protected.
Walker and the Republicans are striking out against the John Doe probes, investigations they thought victimized conservatives and were politically motivated. After stacking the courts with conservative activist judges willing to support their claims, Republicans have successfully suckered in their emotionally invested voters. And what about former Gov. Jim Doyle's travel gate fabrication, and Hillary's Benghazi and private email attacks? They're completely different, as one Walker supporter told me the other day. It's a disconnect I see a lot from the hypocritical right wing.

It's all about "liberty" and "free speech," and not about investigating what appeared to be illegal activity by Republicans during the recalls. They're essentially saying Democrats should have been investigated too, you know, just to make things equal.

NAZI TACTICS: Republicans say the John Doe probes of politicians remind them of Nazi Germany. Oddly, that same comparison doesn't apply to John Doe probes of anyone else suspected of illegal activity. WPR's Shawn Johnson noticed that, and unlike other media outlets, played the audio proof in his report:

Sanfelippo: "You're okay with the tactics employed by the SS and the Nazi's in WW2?"
Keeping these more radical statements out of the public eye and their local news reports only emboldens the Republican authoritarian takeover of our state. Like this segment from WISC, featuring Republican Dave Craig pushing bullshit like protecting our constitutional liberty's and being fair prosecuting crimes, blah, blah, blah...:

One of the few Republicans that gets it, but still votes the wrong way, Sen. Luther Olsen, highlighted the most glaring problem with the new partisan oversight board, filled with 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats. Seriously, reporters never once asked about this?
Sen. Luther Olsen (R-Ripon) said he had concerns about eliminating the judges and about putting equal numbers of appointees from both parties on the new commissions. In controversial cases, the two boards could deadlock and end up doing nothing, he said. "If it's set up so they never agree on anything, then nothing gets investigated," Olsen said.

Here's Common Cause's Jay Heck with what this all means, and a marker when voters were warned about what would happen...and it has already. From the Mitch Hank Show:

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