Tuesday, October 20, 2015

GOP Lobbyist Bill McCoshen: "...hold some listening sessions so it gives the appearance the administration is reaching out."

In a WKOW Digging Deeper investigative report by Greg Neumann about withheld emails by the Walker administration, Wisconsin voters learned a valuable lesson about those Republicans sham "listening sessions." Listening sessions, like their attack on Common Core, that never seemed to change their minds.

One of the most unashamed bottom feeding lobbyists, Bill McCoshen, arrogantly pulled back the curtain on Republican listening sessions in a just released email. Hat tip to Rock Netroots for pointing it out:
GOP lobbyist Bill McCoshen advised the administration to take a step back: "Delay the collective bargaining changes until the recalls are over. Maybe even hold some listening sessions so it give the appearance the administration is reaching out." 
That's right; the "appearance" of "reaching out." Would you believer there wasn't one word of outrage in the comments section by conservative viewers duped by their own party's scam? It's not a surprising development either, from this outwardly authoritarian Republican administration.

Awhile back I featured McCoshen's jaw dropping ads that clearly admitted to Wisconsinites that money does the talking now at the state Capitol:

Just as obvious is this graphic at McCoshen's lobbying firms website, where he brags, "He has since become the capitol's quintessential insider lobbyist, in a good way." Go ahead laugh, it really is that openly crass and surreal: 

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