Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Taxpayers pay for Walker's GTAC mining debacle.

I hope Republican voters are watching...and getting angry. Scott Walker is no friend of Wisconsin taxpayers after all.

After losing $50 million ditching high speed rail because Scott Walker didn't want to pay around $80.000 a year in train/track maintenance, not to mention the jobs and economic development that would have jacked up state revenues, add iron ore mining to the list of taxpayer waste. WPR:
State Reimburses Communities For Scrapped GTAC Mine: Iron, Ashland Counties, Towns Of Morse And Anderson Splitting $200,000.
Despite all the warnings; the iron ore market was slowing dramatically, bad location, to big a project and too much waste, the Walker administration couldn't wait to tear up environmental standards. GTAC was their ticket to rape the countryside.

I'm betting the $200,000 price tag for taxpayers was worth weakening environmental law:
Northern Wisconsin communities surrounding a site where mining company Gogebic Taconite scrapped plans for an iron mine this year are being reimbursed by the state.
Still, Republican voters are feeling pretty good about their $1 savings in property taxes.

The comments section's response nailed it....

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