Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween Pumpkin carving...with a gun!!!

Oh and don't miss the completely safe and responsible gun owner way to carve a pumpkin...with a gun:
Professional sharpshooter Kirsten Joy Weiss just posted a clip on her YouTube channel showing what she called, “The Precision Pumpkin Carving Shooting Game.” (If you’re tempted to try this, make sure you go to an actual shooting range.) "This game can be played with family and friends, even on your own..."
Kirsten makes guns fun:

New Year's Eve Champagne bottle opening problems? Guys, you'll especially like the way she shakes the bottle.
Kirsten Joy Weiss: "I've never actually opened a champagne bottle, so maybe I shouldn't have tried my first time with a gun."


  1. Yeah that .22 rifle sure is scary looking. Not as scary as a pumpkin carving knife, but I expect you carve your pumpkins with a dull spoon since that is the least scary way of doing it. If you are scared of guns so much, why don't you take a trip to London where they took all the guns away from law abiding citizens, and crime rates and violent islamists are on the rise. Your fear should be quite under control there.

    One thing about liberals. They're not very well traveled people.

  2. Actually, I like her presentation and sense of humor. It's a crazy idea, but if anybody's gonna pull it off, it's her. Thing is, you live in fear, and that translates to carelessness and panic. You're scary.

    Why don't you move. I grew up here, and didn't think Wisconsin was a gunless hellhole of high taxes.

  3. No thanks. I'm quite calm. Fear is a state of being and I don't freak out like you do every time I see a gun. Or a knife. Or a rope. Or a car. Or an airplane. In case you couldn't tell, my sarcasm was quite thick. You just proved to me that it is you that is living in fear by trying to tell me that I am. Why don't you empower yourself by learning to defend yourself and not relying on the state to do it for you. Then you won't have to live in fear all the time.

  4. Your sarcasm said a lot about you. The only alternative now, by your suggestion, is to "empower" myself. Funny, I didn't think I needed a gun to do that.

    You've proven to me just how far wrong things are getting.

  5. And all those countries with stricter gun laws or bans with almost no killings. Hard to explain huh? Dumb comments but revealing peak into the rampant authoritarian paranoia and utter vilification of anyone who doesn't think like you.

    The programs you mentioned are very successful but you believe your "leaders." Walker's Wisconsin is proving me right.

  6. Which countries? You could have stopped at "anyone who doesn't think." Britain...more violent crime. Australia....more violent crime. Switzerland, where gun ownership is encouraged and required....practically no violent crime.

    Which one is successful? Which "leaders" are you referring to?

    You didn't even watch the video I shared did you? Believe whatever you want. I'll be here to call out your BS every time you come up with more.