Sunday, October 25, 2015

Freeloading GOP to Wisconsinites: F**k Schools, F**k Local funding Control through Referendums.

Who knew freeloading asshole Republican homeowners in districts that approved school funding referendums we're pissed off that they would have to pay for other peoples kids getting an education? They got theirs, a public education on other peoples dime, so screw everybody else.

I'm writing this in a fit of almost uncontrolled anger, so bear with me. This freeloading GOP attitude, that they can live free and clear off previous generations investments in public services, should outrage conservative and liberal taxpayers alike. We can't fix our roads, we can't fix our parks, we can't pay for education, and now we can't let local school districts pay for keeping their school competitive or open. Apparently all you need in Wisconsin is a house on a cheap piece of land. If you want more, move.

Republicans who once said state school funding cuts could be made up via local referendums approved by taxpayers are now backtracking...WSJ:
Tweedledum & Tweedledee; Stroebel
and Rep. Michael Schraa
Republican state lawmakers are seeking to restrict when and how local school districts can raise money from their local taxpayers at a time when the state is offering few new dollars for public schools … the moves are designed to lower property taxes, keep voters from being worn down by multiple referendum campaigns and prevent special elections when turnout is low.
The ends; lower property taxes,  justify the means; stop paying for schools.

Our Republican tax cut saviors claimed taxpayers have had enough of living in a high tax state. What they didn't see coming? Referendum after referendum being passed by local taxpayers who were willing to pay for good schools and their kids education. Yes, by raising their property taxes.
Todd Berry, president of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance said, "There is one instance above all when locals will vote to tax themselves: a fear that they might lose their community’s or neighborhood’s school." With 76 percent of the referendums to exceed revenue limits passing (in 2014), never before have more Wisconsin voters welcomed property tax increases to pay to run their community schools.
An ideological no-no they're now going to fix with even more Big Government Republican regulations:
Require a period of two years before school boards can go back to voters after a failed referendum question ... the bill seeks to eliminate situations where voters are worn down. If voters reject a referendum question, for two years a school district would be prohibited from issuing bonds, taking out a loan or temporarily borrowing money in June, July and August to pay for immediate expenses associated with operating and maintaining schools from July 1 to the last working day of October, when state payments are sent to school districts.
Not seeing his own "negative ramifications" of putting ridiculous limitations on what the public decides it really wants...
“We continue to be a high-tax state in Wisconsin and that has negative ramifications,” said Sen. Duey Stroebel.
 So much for local government:
Wisconsin Associations of School Boards lobbyist Dan Rossmiller said, “So I guess what these legislators want is for school districts to just cut and cut regardless what that does to educational opportunities and programs.” ... DPI spokesman John Johnson said the agency is against both of the bills because they both are “eroding local control.”
Another proposal is just as destructive, proposed by Sen. Frank Lasee, an enemy of all clean efficient energy:
Another bill bans school boards from exceeding their state-imposed revenue limits in order to pay for energy-efficiency projects. Rep. Adam Neylon, R-Pewaukee, co-authored the bill said, “lawmakers cannot seriously reduce property taxes when school boards routinely exceed their revenue limits.”
These freeloader control freaks are just getting started...

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