Thursday, October 8, 2015

Walker, Republicans push for Partisan...NonPartisan Elections Board with oversight gridlock guaranteed.

Remember that "so called caucus scandal?"

"So called," as Sen. Scott Fitzgerald said off hand. And from that "so called scandal" legislators created the nonpartisan Government Accountability Board. 

Fitzgerald now thinks the GAB was pretty much a knee jerk reaction:
Fitzgerald: "It was thrown out because of a knee jerk reaction to the so called caucus scandals..."
From Upfront with Mike Gousha:

And because Fitzgerald and other Republicans once voted to put the GAB in place, they've have to find hot button excuses to satisfy their base, all the while not looking like hypocritical idiots. Yes, they failed miserably.

Just Making Things Up: The most outrageous example of BS spewed from the mouth of a very uncomfortable looking State Sen. Devin LeMehieu. Loaded up with ad-libbed contradictions, you can't help but feel sorry for this loser:
LeMehieu: "I think the best way to do that is with partisan appointments...almost every other state has partisans involved with their board makeup...their has been a partisan bent with this board (GAB) so by making it nonpartisan, the facade that it's nonpartisan hasn't actually proved to be effective..."

Did LeMahieu say anything that was true? Nope. Here's a clip from 92.1 FM's Devil's Advocates Show where they interviewed former Assembly Republican, Judge and GAB chairman David G. Deininger, who said the accusations were nonsense. That's followed by a similar disclaimer from GAB director Kevin Kennedy:

On WPR's morning show, Republican Rep. Dean Knutson was revved up, trashing the GAB. What did the listeners think of the Knutson's pot shots? Not much:

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