Friday, October 23, 2015

Big Government Republicans piling up new rules and regulations, this time criminalizing photographs and videos of Hunters!!

There's nothing small about Big Government Republicans. Take for example this new possible regulation:
Could carrying a camera in a state park cost you thousands of dollars in fines and nine months in jail? Yes, if Wisconsin’s new “Right to Hunt” bill, which was introduced last week by Republican state Rep. Adam Jarchow, becomes law.
Goodbye freedom and Liberty: If you thought expanding gun play in college classes was a sop to the NRA and knuckle dragging gun addicts, wait till you see this nutting ass kissing bill for hunters:
A group called Wolf Patrol, which in recent months has attempted to document and monitor the trapping and hunting of wolves, bears, and other wildlife in Wisconsin … is nonconfrontational.

The proposed bill, however, would criminalize photographing or videotaping hunters, as well as what it calls “impeding a person who is engaged in an activity associated with lawful hunting.” It would also cover any “acts that are preparatory to lawful hunting, fishing, or trapping.” 
Wow, and this isn't even an Onion article. And what might come as a shock to pocket constitutional conservatives, this might have trouble Constitutionally, since pictures and video has nothing to do with hunting:
Justin Marceau, the Animal Legal Defense Fund professor of law at the University of Denver: “The idea you’re going to regulate who can take photos on public land is pretty shocking. You don’t see laws like that anywhere in the free world.” Marceau said components of the bill covering areas “preparatory” to hunting were also unusually broad.
We've also added the right to hunt into our Constitution, but sadly, they left off the right not to be photographed or recorded. What were they thinking?
Right to fish, hunt, trap, and take game. Section 26. [As created April 2003] The people have the right to fish, hunt, trap, and take game subject only to reasonable restrictions as prescribed by law.

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