Wednesday, October 28, 2015

All of Scott Walker's legal problems wiped away!!! Coincidence?

Republican voters are so tired of being victimization by their liberal enemies in in the badger state, that they will do anything now to exact revenge, even make excuses for Scott Walker's mean spirited an intentional corruption of state government.

Coincidence? Think about it for a second:

1. Are we really supposed to believe that Scott Walker wasn't behind the elimination of the John Doe investigations after they nearly jailed him? Coincidence?

2. Are we really supposed to believe that Scott Walker wasn't behind the legalization of campaign coordination with issue advocacy groups after he was caught doing just that, illegally? Coincidence?

3. Did he fail only for the moment to do away with out open records laws for the same reasons he's given for withholding open records requests? Coincidence?

Wisconsin newspapers still won't hold Walker's feet to the fire and badger the hell out of this carnival barker until he breaks or gives up.

Funny thing though, the national media has no problem recognizing corruption when they see it, and they see it, big time. Starting with Esquire's Charlie Pierce:
Essentially, he has initiated a legislative agenda aimed at legalizing the kind of political corruption with which he is more than a little familiar.

Most recently, Walker signed a law that essentially eliminates the kind of investigations for which his career has proven to be such a target-rich environment.

Walker's primary mission in office has been to convert the state into a lab rat for plutocratic experimentation and exploitation. If they could make a banana republic out of Wisconsin, they figured, they can pull it off anywhere. And with Walker, whose penchant for soulless penny-ante grifting is the only distinguishing characteristic of his entire political career, they found the perfect tool, in every sense of the word. (The gutting of the campaign finance statutes is being pushed almost wholly by Wisconsin Right To Life, which is headed by a former official of the state's chapter of Americans For Prosperity.) People opposed to the griftification of Wisconsin have as their only real hope that the vandals will go too far, revolting an electorate that voted for Walker three times in two years. Good luck with that.
Or this from the New York Times
Last Friday, Mr. Walker signed a bill to protect public officials like himself from an effective and well-established tool (John Doe investigations) for rooting out political corruption. Bribery, official misconduct, campaign-finance violations and many other election law offenses — all are now exempt from a law that has served Wisconsin well, and without controversy, since the mid-19th century.
Don’t be fooled. Grand juries conduct investigations like this every day, at much greater expense and inefficiency, and rarely to any protest. (There is a reasonable case against the gag orders, but lawmakers could easily have fixed that part of the law by itself.) The real difference here is that the John Doe law was being used against powerful politicians and individuals.
It is a relief that Mr. Walker won’t be able to impose his warped ideas about democratic accountability on the rest of the country. But for the Wisconsinites who are stuck with him until 2018, America’s gain is their loss.

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  1. Yep, you have to go to New York to find an editorial board willing to speak truth to Scott Walker's power.