Monday, March 30, 2015

Paul Ryan says GOP Irresponsible if they don't come up with ObamaCare alternative. Hear that Scott Walker?

I'm still a little confused how the Obama administration struggled to defend the subsidies for federally established state exchanges. Nothing could be easier.

It was amazing to see just how activist our conservative supreme court justices were when they tried to say the government did not intend to give subsidies to the federal exchanges, because of one short line that contradicted the massive law.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the government gave out tax credits when the law went into effect immediately...because that was the intent of lawmakers. 

It would be another thing if Obama had added the credit later, then opponents would have an argument. This isn't brain surgery.

Having said that, Paul Ryan is now telling Republicans to have a detailed plan in place by June in case the court strikes down the federal exchanges tax credits. Don't stop there Paul, that should go for GOP Governors as well. Ryan is right for once; it would be irresponsible:
Washintgon Times: Administration officials say the law is fine as written, and there is no need to put a Plan B in place to deal with an adverse ruling. Mr. Ryan said Republicans cannot take a similar stance.

“We need to have an alternative. That is the responsible thing to do,” he said. The president is saying that he had no back-up plan. I just don’t think that’s responsible.”
Here's hoping Ryan demands Scott Walker come up with alternative plan, like a state exchange, in case the Congress drops the ball again. It the only responsible thing to do.

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