Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ryan Medicare reform says Seniors living on $1000 a month must pay more for health care, "so the cost is once again a consideration."

After extensive research into the workings of Medicare, I came away wondering why most people aren't just as outrage as I am. Here's what I posted a few weeks ago:
Seniors slipping into poverty: Seniors on Social Security average $1,305 a month; minus $105 a month fee just to have Medicare; minus $140 to $200 a month for supplemental insurance (Medigap) that pays for co-pays and deductibles charged seniors.
Many people don't know there are co-pays and deductibles in the Medicare program, or that they are forced to buy "optional" supplemental insurance to pay for all of the out-of-pocket costs.

That leaves most seniors with the below poverty level income of just $1,000 a month. 

Bad, but that's not horrific enough for Paul Ryan!!!

Ryan's concerned that many of these low income seniors have been "insulated" from the true cost of health care due to their costly supplemental insurance plans that prevent them from losing it all.

The following is so sick, so unmistakably cruel, that any criticism pales in comparison to the sinking feeling you'll have after reading his twisted logic:
Many seniors have "Medigap" insurance — that is, a private plan that helps pay for costs Medicare doesn't cover, like co-payments and deductibles. These plans insulate people from costs and, experts believe, encourage the overuse of healthcare. Beginning in 2020, this agreement would prohibit Medigap plans from covering the first $147 of out-of-pocket spending, so cost is once again a consideration in healthcare decisions. It would give seniors the security they deserve. And above all, it would be a firm step toward a patient-centered healthcare system."


  1. Please note the first four words in his op-ed: Medicare is going broke.
    And so continues the ongoing training of the American people. We've been told for decades that 'social security isn't going to be there for you' or as above, 'Medicare is going broke', or in Alberta Darling's classic phrase from the start of Scott Walker's reign in WI, simply 'We're broke!'.
    When are people going to realize these words come from the people who are supposed to be managing these programs (and in the case of Alberta, an entire state government) and keeping them healthy and solvent for everyone? Alberta and Paul have been in the thick of this for years, you would think voters would make the connection between the neverending refrain of 'we don't have enough money to take care of our most vulnerable citizens' and 'I've been in office forever, I should be part of the solution but pass me that $200 bottle of wine, will you?'
    Americans have been trained to think these things are going away and there is nothing we can do about it. Now they're going after our senior citizens and beginning to demonize them as well with their insinuations that seniors are taking more than their share and need to be 'reminded' that they are costing deserving taxpayers too much money.
    Class wars and now generational wars.

  2. Social Security was meant to be supplemental income not the sole source of retirement income. Newsflash for you.."The Great Society" has failed! You old farts have had it so good for so long and you have destroyed our future with your ignorance! This "nation" (if you want to still call it that) is BANKRUPT!!! What don't you get about that? We are beyond broke! The REAL fiscal gap is over 200 trillion!

    I have absolutely NO sympathy for you, my parents, my elders, etc. who complain about congress, government, or banks. You have had more than enough time to figure this out and prepare yourselves and yet you still sit there and complain. But I will take pity on your children since you screwed up so much.

  3. To anonymous; You really don't get it, and instead, blame people getting for getting old, reduced income, destroying the middle class, the elimination of pension plans, borrowing from SS, etc.

    You will be in the same boat someday, and your BS here will effect you too. Of course, the story will change then.

    You're a hypocrite and freeloader. If the programs are going broke, fund them instead of cutting them.

    But you want more of your money now, for poverty in the future. People like you are in charge now, and will give you the kind of future you say we should have. I won't stand for it.

  4. Actually I really do get it. I don't blame people for getting old. We all get old. But I do think they should blame themselves for being ignorant and stupid and relying on the same assholes in Washington to take of them rather than grow some brains, put down the beer, and take charge of their own destinies like they should have 50 years ago.

    Actually I won't be in the same boat someday because I'm smarter than you and I know enough to know that SS and Medicare won't be there for me just like it is being taken from you now.

    If I'm such a hypocrite and freeloader then why did I pay over 40k in just personal income taxes last year alone? Did you pay anything into these programs you love so much or provide any value to anyone or did you just rant and rave about Scott Walker all year which any idiot could do? The way I see it, you STOLE 40k from me by supporting government force against everyone. Sorry but I don't have an extra 200 trillion sitting around. Maybe its high time you figure out how this money system works instead of spewing nonsense.

    Yes I am in charge of my destiny. You should try it because you aren't going to change anything this way. But I guess you just can't teach an old dog new tricks.

    1. Youre "in charge of your own destiny"? Oooh, the adult world is going to be quite a shock for you.

      Here's a clue- Social Security and Medicare are the best guarantees that you will be able to control your own destiny. Are you so stupid and filled with hubris that you think insurance companies or the stock market are going to be the people that save you? SUCKER

  5. I'm tired of taking mindless shit from people like you. Normally I'd say I would never want anything bad to happen to anyone, even you.

    But forget it. I hope you lose everything you have the same way so many other Americans have fallen on hard times; job, medical event, criminal activity, a bad investment ...whatever. What you don't understand is; some people never make enough to save up, some people lose everything, and some people are bad with money. We don't let them die or kick them out to the street.

    You wouldn't care. Society means nothing to you, or what it's give you before you became so rugged and independent. It's called greed and envy. You're a horrible citizen. An embarrassment.

  6. Interesting choice on what you wish for the guy above Demo. Personally I wish him the best of success seeing as he is one of the people actually paying taxes into the programs you want to continue and/or expand. I happen to agree with anon. If you are younger than 45 to 50 years old you better have a plan in place for your retirement that does not count on SS or Medicare payments. I just think of that 15.3% (yes it is 15.3%) of my money as just wasted. It would be nice if I could opt out, keep that money, and invest it. My retirement would be set for sure. Instead I have to work harder to make up for the wasted money to make sure I am saving enough for later.

  7. Suckers all. Sure, gamble on Wall Street, and have the American public take care of you when you fail. Great no risk plan, you win and still get be stupid. Yes stupid. I would love to have you and Anon. on a whole separate system, with no chance of charity from the rest of us. It's just that most of us aren't selfish, reckless risk takers with our families future in the balance. I've had money in the market, and twice it's been cut in half thanks to guys like you pushing deregulation.

    You're messing up the current system and destroying retirees lives and saving they spent a lifetime accumulating. Can't stop screwing things up because you can't admit you've been wrong over and over?

  8. Thank you Jim! One thing I keep noticing is that John likes to make many assumptions about people. Not to mention he's got his facts all mixed up. I've lost money on wall street before. After realizing that it's designed to steal from us, there is little chance of losing my life savings in this screwy system ever again. People need to realize that investment includes risk. If you are willing to take losses, then wall street is the place to go. Since I have to pay for the rest of you, I'm not willing. Yeah I just paid 12k last year for self employment tax (SS and medicare)...poof gone taken from me. I'll never see one dime of that "money."

    So how exactly are the rest of us destroying retirees lives I wonder? I'm taking charge of mine so I don't need to rely on everybody else. And what have I been wrong about over and over?

    This is what collapse looks like. You better buckle up because it's just getting started. I've got nothing but love for everyone. Try it. Fear is the path to the dark side.

  9. Thank you for proving how hideous a person you've become.

  10. Yes Anon - you are hideous because you are saving money for yourself for retirement without planning on using SS or Medicare - how horrible of you. And to point out the obvious problems with the funding gap in the system is just cruel on your part. What you need to be willing to do is give away all of your life savings and most of your current income so that you will be bankrupt with the rest of them!

    As far as investing in the market, you have to have a long term plan in place. Stocks have always grown if you hold them for more than 10 years. The market in general is the best place for your retirement money if you have a long enough time period before retirement. Sure as I get closer to retirement and need to lock in my gains then my investments will change to more stable options.