Monday, March 2, 2015

Media catching on to Incidental Governor Walker.

Jason Stein and Patrick Marley stumbled on the obvious: Scott Walker likes to drop the bomb! 
jsonline: When White House hopeful Scott Walker talks to potential voters, he hawks himself as a leader who tells people what he will do and then does it. Walker never told voters beforehand about what would become his signature accomplishment — repealing most collective bargaining for most public workers. During the uproar over that unexpected legislation known as Act 10 and the recall and re-election campaigns that followed, Walker said he wouldn't let legislation affecting private-sector workers reach his desk. Now he says he'll sign it. 
There is no doubt this is an intentionally deceptive style that avoids days, weeks, even months of confrontation that might sour even the most devoted supporter. "We built that" has suddenly become "let's sell that:" 
During his 2014 race to secure a second term, Walker didn't campaign on some of the most sweeping changes in his current budget proposal: freezing a stewardship program for state lands; borrowing $1.3 billion for transportation; and cutting state universities by $300 million in exchange for unhooking them from many state laws.
Even a right wing hero from the past seems to have had enough: 
"What does a campaign mean when almost none of the major policy departures contained in the budget were proposed or debated during the yearlong exchange of policy ideas by Democrat Mary Burke and Republican Scott Walker?" business executive and former Milwaukee Sentinel business editor John Torinus of West Bend wrote on his blog last week.

"This is government by surprise ... Governor Walker's style of governance — throwing out broad-brush policy shifts without a lot of input beforehand — is especially relevant as he runs for president of the United States," said Torinus.
And Rep. Peter Barca stepped out of the Democratic shadows:
Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) contended, "There's no question this is emblematic of his" approach. It's the exact opposite of what he's claiming.

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  1. And your point is??? These are the very things conservatives have been saying about the "executive" branch of the Federal government for some time now.....the action of executive legislation on the part of the POTUS. Guess what happens when the republican instead of a democrat is in charge....everyone screams no rule of law. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. I wonder if the POTUS could by executive action ban abortion claiming discrimination on the unborn person? Amnesty doesn't seem to hold up the laws on the books.