Thursday, March 5, 2015

Canada wants stop to #spockingfives

Good stuff:

ABC: Canadian “Star Trek” fans have been paying tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy through "Spocking," or drawing in the character’s sharp eyebrows, bowl-shaped hair and pointy ears on look-a-like former Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier, who’s featured on the $5 bill.

There's now good news and bad news for these "Spockers."

The good news? "Spocking" isn't illegal, the Bank of Canada confirmed in a statement emailed to ABC News today.

The bad news? Your "Spocked" bills won't live long and prosper. Those drawn-in Spock features could prevent your money from being accepted in a transaction, interfere with security features and reduce a bill's lifespan, the Bank of Canada said.

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