Monday, March 9, 2015

Walker willfully misleads voters about his strong support for Right-to-Work.

WPR's Shawn Johnson found this classic Scott Walker comment on right-to-work, that leads us all to believe RTW is absolutely off the table.
Walker: "...we're not going to pursue it in the remainder of our term, and we're not going to pursue it in the future. Private sector unions overwhelming are my partner in economic development."
A caller in the clip below mentioned a few big name legislators who also ran against right-to-work. Guess they were hiding behind a bold face lie, something voters should remember about these courageous unintimidated Republicans:

Huffington Post: As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Bloomberg Politics have explained, Walker has a long history of professing no desire to see Wisconsin become a right-to-work state, even though he introduced such legislation as a state lawmaker. Walker has stressed that right to work is not a priority. He once called private sector unions his "partner in economic development." He even said in 2012 that he would do "everything in my power" to block right to work.
Here's another piece of strong evidence showing how far Walker will go to cover up what turned out to be a complete lie. Real presidential material:

During a 2012 gubernatorial debate with Democratic challenger Tom Barrett, Walker went so far as to declare that a right-to-work bill would never reach his desk.

"I've said it's not going to get there," Walker said.

Barrett insisted that Walker would sign it if it did.

"I'll say it right now," Barrett said. "If that bill hits his desk, he's signing it."

"And it won't," Walker said.

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