Sunday, March 8, 2015

Justice Bradley let's Right Wing radio's character assassin take his shot at Candidate James Daley.

Ann Walsh Bradley didn't have to say a thing about the most activist flame throwing conservative judge since Judge Rudolph Randa, instead she simply let right wing talker Mark Belling do it for her. Here's her hard hitting radio ad.

jsonline: Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley on Thursday released a scorching campaign ad attacking her opponent in next month's Supreme Court election. The ad features a harsh rant by popular conservative radio talk show host Mark Belling accusing Bradley's challenger, Rock County Circuit Court Judge James Daley, of being soft on crime.

"He's unfit to serve giving his depraved view on plea bargaining and child abuse," Belling says as ominous music plays in the background. "It is Daley who decided to hand down a lenient, one-year sentence to a man who savagely beat the young child of his then-girlfriend."

Belling added that the injuries were described as "horrific." "I am not going to publicly say that I think that this man is fit to be on the state Supreme Court when he's not," Belling said. "He's a miserably rotten candidate."
Bradley is letting the ad speak for itself, and so is Belling:
In an email Friday, Belling said Bradley used his comments accurately and he thinks the case in question disqualifies Daley for service on the Supreme Court.
Is Judge James Daley a conservative activist and rubber stamp for Scott Walker? He said he just happens to get invites to speak to interested Republicans...coincidence? You be the judge. I wrote about this here:

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