Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cowardly Senators Fitzgerald and Wanggaard fear Dissent.

Republican are big cowards, ready to run for cover at the first hint of conflict. The fact that they're frightened by dissent makes them victims all over again, in a society they never felt comfortable in anyway.

Remember when Sen. Scott Fitzgerald ended the right-to-work hearings early because the unions were planning some kind of disruptive protest? Sure, it was complete bullshit, but their low information base loves that stuff because they're scared too.

Here's former police office and now cowering Sen. Van Wanggaard explaining the "threat" posed by Wisconsin citizens protesting their government. How dare they look so scary:
Wanggaard: "It was a different crowd of people that were coming into the Capitol..."
What, did they have horns and cloven hooves?

Sen. Scott Fitzgerald rushed the RTW bill because he thought attack ads might swaying senators to vote against it. The horror. Keep in mind, Republicans say money is free speech, and buys ads to sway voters and politician alike. It's clear Fitzgerald is trying to usurp those rights with quick passage. A real patriot:

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