Saturday, March 14, 2015

Watch Out!!! Republicans push Big Government Punishments on perceived Citizen Freeloaders and Enemies.

Democrats haven't sounded the alarm over what a possible Republican one party system would look like? Like we have all the time in the world guys?

Republican Despotism; Republicans have redefine the constitution, rewritten history, and doled out punishment to those who don't fit within their narrowly defined parameters of behavior and religion. They have plans to do even more. They have successfully made the opposition party commies and socialists, a repressive enemy to be feared, blacklisted and discounted as social pariahs.

After hundreds of thousands of people turn out to protest in the middle of winter, and one million put pen to paper to sign a recall petition, Governor Scott Walker actually saw this exercise in democracy as form of "intimidation." He even made that the title of his book, "Unintimidated," where he denigrated unapologetically our 1st Amendment right.

I thought I'd feature a quick list of examples that honeslty, just barely scratch the surface. Despite the frightening possibilities and unintended consequences of their iron fisted policies, conservatives will blindly rationalize away this list as another "liberal" partisan attack. It's authoritarian behavior that will only intensify with even more power, taking the presidency:

1. Overruling the peoples Referendums and Initiatives: Milwaukee voters overwhelmingly passed paid sick leave. State Republicans repealed and regulated against local government control.
Repealing a Constitutional Amendment: In Nevada, state Sen. Joe Hardy (R) introduced legislation that would repeal the state’s minimum wage, $8.25 for those who don’t get health benefits … In 2006, state’s voters approved a constitutional amendment that sets a standard minimum wage, but Hardy’s resolution would repeal it and give the legislature the ability to control the wage ... a South Dakota state committee approved a proposal that would allow its minimum wage to decrease, erasing a provision of a wage hike approved by voters that bars it from falling. 
2. Democratic Representation and Voter suppression: Finding fraud fails, suggesting error free perfect system possible:
Ohio’s Huge Voter Fraud Investigation Turns Up Nearly Nothing: Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has been on a mission to weed out voter fraud … 44 non-citizens may have voted illegally in Ohio since 2000. Conservatives have long tried to tie immigration reform to potential voter fraud.
3. Voting Rights a Rube Goldberg maze of Regulations before Disappearing Completely: Sen. John Cornyn offered this "I know you are but what am I" bit of projection: restoring the Voting Rights Act would “drive divisions and create phony narratives.” He just defined voter fraud:
Wisconsin Republican Jim Sensenbrenner is nobody’s idea of a pussycat … he vowed more than a year ago to restore the Voting Rights Act after the Supreme Court in 2013 overturned a key section monitoring states that had been past offenders. Republicans have a disincentive … Their conservative supporters wouldn't like it if the Justice Department ruled against all the new voter ID laws. No vote is expected in the House, and in the Senate, Mitch McConnell won’t bring up anything that could put his members on the spot. 
4.  Block Grants allow Oppressive State Punishments: If there's one thing Republicans are good at, it's punishing citizens they've vilified as non-conforming Americans. Federal "strings" have prevented unconstitutional drug testing and/or cancellation of funding. Then throw in cuts to the program itself:
GOP Looks at Medicaid and Food Stamps for Overhaul: the federal government would pay the states a lump sum instead of a portion of the programs cost. The states would then have more control over setting standards. Paul Ryan would have cut federal Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program funding by 31 percent by 2023 ... the funding would no longer keep pace with health care costs or with expected Medicaid enrollment growth as the population ages. Those cuts would have come on top of repealing the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion.

No Strings: Gov. Doug Ducey (R) approved a measure to tighten the state requirements for Medicaid eligibility, requiring recipients to be employed and kicking them out of the program (after) five years. An identical bill was vetoed last year by former Gov. Jan Brewer (R) … Ducey’s office (said) the new legislation will “ensure that we have a responsible Medicaid program that protect taxpayers and provide care to those who need it the most.” Scott Walker (R) once said that denying Medicaid coverage to low-income people helps them “live the American Dream” because they won’t be “dependent on the American government.” 

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