Saturday, March 14, 2015

29 States, Big and Small Business minimum wage increases disprove GOP Doom-and-Gloom Predictions!!!

I think some people are missing the big picture when it comes to recent wave of minimum wage increases; Big business is proving how wrong Republican have been. It’s a scare tactic and lie conservatives have still not deepsixed, even as a tide of raises are washing over them.

29 states are beating the federal minimum wage standard. Are they crazy?

According to the conservative bill writing mill ALEC:
“Despite good intentions, this proposal will hurt lower-income, less-experienced and less-educated Americans. Furthermore, it will place an additional burden on businesses, especially small business owners struggling in the current economy.”
The listening to this crap day after day. We can only assume at this point big business doesn't know what it's doing, and freeloading ideologically driven Republican politicians do. The following is only a partial list wage hikes we're seeing week after week:
Wal-Mart ($10) follows other big retailers that have announced plans to increase pay. Home furnishings retailer Ikea this year gave a 17 percent average raise to $10.76 an hour. And the Gap raised its minimum wage to $9 last year and $10 this year.
Meanwhile conservative business baron's are getting caught doing what they've done so well for years, cheat their low wage employees out of the money they've earned:
A Papa John’s pizza franchise in New York must pay its workers nearly $800,000 in unpaid wages over allegations the business underpaid employees and failed to pay overtime. Emstar Pizza Inc., which operates seven Papa John’s franchise locations in Brooklyn and Queens, allegedly underreported hours worked by drivers over the past six years, rounded employee hours down to the nearest hour, and did not pay overtime. 

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