Saturday, March 14, 2015

Will Republicans insist Scott Walker, unlike Obama, take high road and unseal his College Records?

This story cannot be forgotten, because down the road, Republicans are going to have to demand Scott Walker's Marquette University records. If it was important to see Obama's, than to show they walk the walk, Walker has to comply. Right? 

First they'll have to convince Walker he never really unsealed his records:

The BS never stops spilling out of Walker's memorized, monotonous and repeatedly disproved set of talking points. PolitiFact took a look:
On Feb. 27, 2015, while attending the Conservative Political Action Conference outside of Washington, D.C., during an interview with Dana Loesch, a conservative radio and Blaze TV talk show host, Walker made a claim as Loesch prepared to ask a question.
Loesch: "A lot of folks like myself thought it a little elitist -- because everybody’s vetting you now. You’ve already been more vetted than the current commander-in-chief."

Walker with a chuckle: "Yeah, and more written about my college days than the president. I unsealed my records."
Our rating: Walker said he "unsealed" his student records at Marquette University. In fact, he has taken only the very limited step of authorizing the school to confirm that he was in "good standing" during his time at Marquette and that he voluntarily withdrew. We haven’t seen any records. We rate Walker’s statement False.

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