Monday, March 16, 2015

Republicans don’t know squat about health care, as they try to hide their ignorance and planned cuts.

There is a solution to health care insecurity.

We could increase the Medicare tax on our paychecks to shore up the program, or to create a national single payer system that would cut costs dramatically. We could also raise taxes to help cover everyone.

Americans need to have health care certainty. It’s the price of freedom and liberty.

Health insurance companies by the way are the biggest road block to the GOP’s ideal of a free market system, since they provide their own network of doctors and hospitals at an already agreed to price.  That's not competition. You won't always get the best price or doctor, since you can't go through a different insurer. 

House and Senate Republicans are now coming up with a scheme to cut more taxes by cutting…wait for it, Medicare. Remember their outraged over Obama's supposed cuts Medicare? For some reason, cutting Medicare is better when it's done by Republicans.
(Republicans) will propose major spending cuts to programs such as Medicare, health care subsidies, food stamps and the Medicaid program for the poor and elderly to produce a budget that's balanced.
Republicans even said they won’t tell us what they’ll cut, because it’ll only make us mad, like Paul Ryan’s detailed plan did (what details?).
Senate Republicans are shying away from the controversial Ryan budget, instead opting to introduce a plan that outlines the size of budget cuts — but not how, exactly, they would change entitlement programs like Medicare. A lack of specifics also likely insulates Republicans from political attacks moving into 2016 — and makes it harder for outside groups to analyze their plans.
Right, we wouldn't want to be able to analyze their plan. Just in case you're still not sure:
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), a senior member of the Budget panel said, "From the standpoint of a budget, the less words of the English language you use, the better off you are.” Grassley said it’s preferable to "just have figures in there" instead of spelling out specific reforms, as Ryan did.
Any questions?

Magical Free Market? To make this easy, we first have to understand health care is not a consumer product. If you make that claim, you don’t understand health care. But what about laser eye surgery/knee & hip replacement, they’re “products” that came down in price due to competition, right? These are “elective” services we choose to get fixed, not covered by insurance, and still costly. That’s why we have to take “medical vacations” to countries like India.

The Affordable Care Act replaced the failed “individual market.” That’s where we saw premiums skyrocket, policies dropped and pre-existing conditions excluded. That was the whole point of ObamaCare. Republicans now want to put all of us into the individual market with no group rate savings and junk policies that cover only what we can afford.

The poor will get shut out of Medicaid once Republicans block grant the program to the states, who will then put in place a myriad of impossible hoops to jump through, forcing the needy to get help at already cash strapped churches and charities. 

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