Sunday, March 15, 2015

With Wisconsin in rear view mirror, Walker moves on, not looking back.

Scott Walker’s “big and bold” fire sale of public property is a sure sign this governor is so over us. The fact that his approval ratings are tanking now is a sure sign we made a huge mistake reelecting him:
Scott Walker and the ‘home-state haters’ problem: What I find especially interesting is how increasingly common this is among the other Republican presidential candidates. It doesn't look great for Walker that his own state’s voters are skeptical about his White House campaign, but he can take some comfort in the fact that so many of his GOP rivals are in the exact same boat.
Public Policy Polling: Those who say they approve of the job Walker is doing fell to 43 percent, while those who disapprove increased to 52 percent. In late October, the same Democratic-leaning poll found 49 percent approved of Walker’s job performance, while 47 percent disapproved.
Most importantly, the independents are changing their minds since Walker decided to get rid of the UW, stop funding the state parks, take science out of the DNR, and meddle in private sector business unions with RTW:
Walker's approval among independents dropped (from 48% in October) to 36%, (and from 45%) to 57% disapproving of his job.  
Big and bold, Walker style, isn't a popular theme in Wisconsin.

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