Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jeb Bush and more ObamaCare talking point lunacy!

Reporters have had 4 years to brush up on the ins and outs of the individual health care marketplace, which makes up only 9% of all people with insurance. The Affordable Care Act is an attempt to control those runaway costs, offering lower group rates for individuals. Reporters are still clueless, so the public is led to believe Republican talking points that are never challenged, and don’t make any sense.

Here’s my look, point by point, at Jeb Bush's recent plan for reform:
"The greatest job suppressor in the so-called recovery that we've gone through is Obamacare," Bush said in a Q&A at the 2015 Iowa Ag Summit.
Does this sound like “suppression;” impressive job creation month after month (nearly 295,000 in February), and declining unemployment numbers (5.5% in Feb.). The only downside to the Obama recovery? Republican governors are using it to make themselves look good, when in fact they've done nothing, and in some cases, made things worse:
"And I think replacing Obamacare with a market oriented approach that is — where local and state input starts to drive the policies away from this top down system."
The deceptive “market oriented” mumbo jumbo assumes health care is a consumer product. IT’S NOT!!! State input means Republicans can force citizens to jump through hoops, some unconstitutional, and leave them at the mercy of profit drunk insurers; age limits, ridiculous income limits, time limits, stripped down catastrophic junk policies etc.
From there the potential Republican candidate offered … government-subsidized catastrophic coverage. "…relief (for) families in this country that if you have a hardship that goes way beyond your means of paying for it, that you have a — the government is there or an entity is there to help you deal with that."
A new and not so horrible idea? Except it makes people go broke first, never lowers the cost of care, never deals with why people are forced into bankruptcy in the first place, and leaves the plan open for future reductions by a more austere administration. 

Think about it, junk policies ("insurance you can afford") will push more people into this government paid for catastrophic safety net, straining the federal budget dramatically.

I hope reporters consider the above major issues when confronting big talking Republican snake oil salesmen about their private free market plan for health care. There’s a reason why every other industrialized country in the world never picked a for-profit privatized system. It has nothing to do with socialism. It has everything to do with the repugnant and morally vacuous idea that someone would even think of profiting from the sick and suffering.  Not in America.  


  1. Here's your "impressive job creation."

    Obviously you believe whatever you want to believe and never know anything.

  2. Jobs created despite the story you pointed out. Before you slash your wrists, I would love to hear your solution. Whining doesn't work for me. There's nothing new in the jobs reports. What you're pointing out are some of the current details that will effect the recovery long term. But calm down.

  3. Yeah sure. Only 13 million more to go just to get us back to 2008 levels. Hopefully a few of those will be more than just part time. I have no reason to slash my wrists, but I think I will point out the hypocrisy you spew.

    All you do is whine whine whine. Mostly about Scott Walker and Republicans. Is this really a constructive use of your time? Did you produce anything of value today? Did you do anything creative?

    I really hope there aren't too many dumb sheep out there reading your tripe. Since you are incapable of understanding the problem, you have no hope of understanding the solution. Real change comes from within.

  4. You're funny. Republican deregulation tanks the economy, sheds jobs and businesses, and you whine to me about the job levels? We got back all the jobs and more already, so you're behind on that stat.

    You wrote complaining about jobs, whining about my critical assessments of Walker, which are all true. If you want more jobs, whine to Walker, not me. Doh!

    Trickle down policy and breaking up the concept of government (everybody in this together) is just an excuse to freeload off everything generations built over time. You don't have solutions, just an urge to rationalize greed and freeloading.

    As things get worse under GOP policy, it'll seem even more ridiculous blaming liberals for everything...or maybe not. You need a bogyman.

    Your comment by the way was an immense waste of my time.

  5. Okay time for a history lesson. You are obviously confused and have to resort to generic terms like 'republican deregulation' rather than be specific in your argument. The repeal of Glass-Steagall was signed in 1999 by your DEMOCRAT pedophile buddy Bill Clinton which allowed the banks to gamble with customer deposits. Fueled by low interest rates created by the Fed and mortgage backed securities being wrapped up into CDO's sold to investors created a bubble in housing.

    Which deregulation are you referring to?

    I'm not whining about jobs. I just want you to have your facts straight.

    And the fact of the matter is you are so ridiculously clueless when it comes to history and economics that because of your belief that the government in any form whatsoever is going to solve your problems, you resort to blaming anything you slightly understand the concept of (trickle down policy).

    Things will get worse under GOP leadership now that your savior odumbo has racked up ridiculous levels of debt giving away free crap, taxing everyone to death, starting new wars in the middle east and pissing off Russia and the rest of the world to the point where they have no choice but to dump the dollar that has been used for global trade settlement for the past 70 years.

    By the way, it's not about creating jobs. it's about creating PRODUCTIVE jobs and government simply doesn't do that. Keep living in the land of make believe. It's all Scott Walkers fault. The new president in 2016.

    Who is breaking up the concept of government? I think you are confused on who the freeloaders are exactly. It is not people that produce goods and services and it is not people that pay taxes. Did you pay lots of taxes and produce lots of goods last year or did you wait around for your government check to arrive complaining about republicans?