Thursday, March 19, 2015

Scott Walker "Cowers before a few Rotting Corn Stalks, a Fraidy Cat, ready to Torch his staff."

I think the title of The Week story below tells the whole story:
Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race:

Sometimes the most inside-baseball political stories tell you something essential about a presidential candidate. That's what happened this week to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who apparently wants to win the Iowa caucuses so badly that he's willing to torch his staff and his reputation to do it. 

Forcing Liz Mair out was like amputating your finger to deal with a paper cut. Instead of having a problem with a few Iowans and a writer at, Walker has now baffled his admirers across the right. Mair's resignation signaled that Walker's team either didn't do its homework before hiring Mair, or that it was too spineless to defend her. It is hard to believe the former, since Mair consulted for Walker before during his 2012 recall.

Walker's unwillingness to defend his own hire will give other consultants and policy experts jitters before joining the team. It totally undercuts his reputation as a tough-minded fighter who stands on principle. And it may contribute to an alternate interpretation of Walker as a 'fraidy cat.' Earlier this month, Walker caved to Iowa ethanol interests by reversing his position on the federal mandate.The problem, in other words, wasn't the tweets of a single staffer, but the way Iowa's parochial concerns act like kryptonite on Walker's convictions and reputation.

If you were a top expert, a policy-thinker, or a consultant, which candidate would you want to work for? The guy who tosses his people out on the say-so of an Iowa Republican whose name he had just learned, or Jeb Bush, who doesn't give a just exclusive to his enemies? Until this week, Walker supporters could have pointed to his white-knuckle fight with Wisconsin's public-sector unions. Now his critics can point to the way he cowers before a few rotting corn stalks. 


  1. "Walker has now baffled his admirers across the right"
    Well then they're catching on a lot quicker outside of the state than they have been right here at home.