Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Confidence Buster: Republicans don't know details, reasons behind budget plans.

It's becoming pretty obvious Scott Walker is running our state government by the seat of his pants. Walker has stayed above the fray by keeping every controversial budget proposal a secret until the very last moment, all of them:
jsonline: "...unexpected legislation known as Act 10 … Walker said he wouldn't let legislation affecting private-sector workers reach his desk. Now he says he'll sign it. Walker didn't campaign on some of the most sweeping changes in his current budget proposal: freezing a stewardship program for state lands; borrowing $1.3 billion for transportation; and cutting state universities by $300 million in exchange for unhooking them from many state laws." 
That doesn't even count corporate naming rights to state parks, a 20 week abortion ban, huge cuts to the DNR, eliminating the 48 hour waiting period for gun purchases, etc. It's like we're erasing 100 years of progress.

So I thought the two stories shown here, as they appeared on WPR's website, explained a lot about the GOP's lack of forethought and understanding behind their big bold changes:

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