Thursday, March 19, 2015

Scott Walker's record means he'll only add half the jobs created under the Obama administration?

What a weird record to brag about. 
AP: Wisconsin added jobs at half the national average: 

Ranking 40th in private-sector job growth for the 12-month period that ended in September. 

The state has lagged the national average since July 2011, bad numbers for Gov. Scott Walker as he talks about his record Walker (since) January 2011.

Private-sector jobs grew 1.16 percent in Wisconsin during the 12-month period, while the national growth rate (Obama's) was twice as high at 2.3 percent. 
All other neighboring states grew at a higher rate than Wisconsin.That doesn't matter to our bubble world right wing Walker. Despite the truth behind the "gold standard" quarterly numbers, Walker continued to talk about a world most of us have never seen: 
"Wisconsin's economy is growing and we are moving in the right direction," Walker's spokeswoman Laurel Patrick said in a statement. 

"Governor Walker's policies are working and our unemployment rate is down for the right reasons," she said. 

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