Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bizarro World: Walker wants Government Run Health Care Plan for State Workers, with Big Price Increases.

Let me get this right:
A Walker administration proposal for self-insurance in 2013 was put on hold last year…
That would be a government run health care plan.
Walker's secret plan...

It was also surreal to read Walker would like state employees to pay more out-of-pocket cost, like higher co-pays and deductibles, the very thing Republicans hate about ObamaCare.

Now they want to increase the price of health care? Am I missing something?

Republicans also want free market competition from private insurers...but not this time?
Self-insurance — in which the state would pay benefits directly instead of buying insurance from 18 HMOs — could save $50 million to $70 million a year beginning in 2017, said a report from Atlanta-based Segal Consulting.
Consider flipping the following statement around; state workers will pay $42 million more, instead of the state. Republicans hate that:
Introducing deductibles for state workers, increasing out-of-pocket maximums, charging more for brand-name drugs and other changes that could save at least $42 million next year.
This is like Paul Ryan's "reform" plan for Medicare. You can check it out here. See if this sounds familiar; creates a marketplace to buy insurance and provides premium support help.


  1. Do the alternatives hose the employees like Walker wants to?

  2. All privatized health care hoses...everybody. Profit should not be a part of keeping people alive or healthy.

  3. Demo - are you in favor of placing wage caps on doctors, nurses, and other healthcare related fields? Should all researchers of drug companies be capped as well? If you want to see the end of innovation in healthcare, just propose a profit cap or wage cap on the people that are working on the next generation of healthcare drugs and procedures. I can guarantee that the people involved will look for another profession that allows them to maximize their earning potential.

  4. NIH does an immense amount of development and research, which they then send to big pharma to finalize and market. You didn't know the GOP has over time made big cuts to NIH funding...which is worse than a cap on the profit side of developed drugs.

    GOP cuts to public universities that do so much of the research in developing new drugs has been taking huge hits state budget after state budget, worse than you're imagined caps on big pharma.

    I'm fascinated that public professionals can take big cuts, but cuts to private professionals would hurt innovation. I think caps and cuts to the real innovators at universities and the NIH is the real job killer. Think about it.