Monday, March 23, 2015

Both Senate and House Republican balanced Budget proposals Increase Taxes on Families and Businesses, Despite the Denials.

Funny thing about Republicans, they're crazy deficit exploding tax cuts and increases have never gotten much notice before, until now. They're in charge of congress, so now the truth is coming out....
AP: FACT CHECK: Higher taxes to balance GOP budgets: The new House and Senate Republican budgets make a big boast: They both balance the federal budget within 10 years, without raising taxes. Their own numbers, however, say millions of American families and businesses would have to pay more in taxes to make the math work — about $900 billion more over the next decade.

Both budgets also claim big savings by repealing President Barack Obama's health law. But at the same time, they rely on more than $1 trillion in tax revenue from the health law that would supposedly be repealed.
So how do they explain keeping the ObamaCare tax revenue? Why they're going to...change...the tax code...yea, that's the ticket:
The House Republican budget repeals all of Obamacare — including the Obamacare tax hikes while calling for fundamental tax reform. A revamped tax code could raise just as much revenue as the system in place today, but without the harmful tax policies embedded in current law (like the Affordable Care Act)."

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